• Guarantee is given to face of fabric.

• Should been comformed to specified usage and cleaning recomendations

• After purchase date if the customer encounters problems with fabric, should bring purchase certificate and faulty fabric to our company in 1 year period. Returned fabrics are taken to examination in our factory labs and at SAGEM. If a manufacturing defect is detected, customers loss will be covered. If an usage fault is detected, customer is informed.

• During upholstry process, stich gap should be at least 1 cm.

• Guarantee is not given to products upholstered on foam rubber without lining.


• Dry cleaning process can be applied to our products.

• If any fluid is spilled on fabrics, can be wiped with an absorbent tissue or soft, dry cloth immediately.

• Bleachers, detergents, colored soaps and stain reomver products should not be used for cleaning process of fabrics. Upholstry shampoos and pure white soaps should be prefered for cleaning our fabrics.

• Sponges or brushes should not be used for cleaning process, stained part should be wiped using a soft cloth with circular movement.

• Drying process should not be done on direct sunlight or high heat iron. Drying process should be done using a low heat hair dryer with circular movement.

• Our products should be used avoiding direct sunlight and cushions used either side should be turned regularly.

• SCOTCHGUARD protector applied fabrics should be used and cleaned according to SCOTCHGUARD usage and maintenance terms.

• Leather products dusted regularly using a clean, soft cloth. Should be cleaned with a unused sponge once a year. During this cleaning process sponge should be moist and
leather should be wiped using few drops of castor oil on sponge with circular movement.


• Upholstry fabric selection must be done according to usage area and intended use.

• Natural fiber’s light fastness is lower than synthetic fiber, especially fading rate is more on colors like dark blue, black, burgundy.

• Fabrics containing fancy yarns have delicate usage and maintenance.

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