November 05, 2007
Nuve has offered new 2007-2008 autumn winter collection suitable for every style and space, with creative pattern, color and texture alternatives.
November 01, 2007
Nuve's new showroom in İzmir - Alsancak
has come into service on 1st of November.

Showroom exterior
Showroom interior

Nuve has been in action since 1997. At the beginning has worked as retail business and wholesale business at Penelope Levent Dealer. Later has widen areas of supply and fields of activity.Has offered for sale collection products of domestic and foreign manufacturers which consist of upholstery, drapery and accessory collections. These products were developed and offered for sale at few exceptional domestic and foreign retail stores.

Has paid special attention to selecting product line twice a year according to different tastes, needs, qualities (satin, taffeta, chenille, tapestry and etc.) and attributes (color, texture, thickness, etc.) .

Nuve, including Penelope stores serves at elite stores at 16 domestic and 10 foreign stores across East Europe and Middle East countries.

Furthermore delivers projects on hotels, hospitals, resataurants.

Attention paid on product line selection is also paid on selection of selling points. Nuve offers collections to customers in most appropriate way and prefers to deliver porducts on stores that can express Nuve in most decent way. On this direction, Nuve will not expand number of sale pionts but will prefer broadening its line of production collections.

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